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महाप्रभु श्री रामलाल प्रभवे नमः

योगीराज श्री चंद्रमोहन सद्गुरुवे नमः

परमयोगिनी माँ उमा शक्त्यै नमः

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Shakti Dham is Located at Village Panihar near CRPF Panihar, 25 km from Gwalior. Shakti Dham is having long Spiritual history.  “Shakti Dham” name was given on Guru Shri Maa Uma Shakti.

 It has huge orchard with 2,000+ Trees like; Mango Trees, Chandan Tree, Shisham Trees, Belpatra Trees, Sagon Trees, Pipal Trees, Banyan Trees & huge area is covered with Fruit trees like, Cheeku, Amla, Oranges, Guavas, Papaya, Apple Ber, many types of Crops.


Our Journey

SRMS Foundation is registered under the Societies’ Registration Act of 1860, the organization works for Health, Environment, Spirituality, Art and Culture and Education.

SRMS Foundation is spiritual organization founded by Gurudev Shyam Sunder, in Village Panihar, Gwalior Dist. It hosts the Yoga Centres in Shakti Dham Gwalior & Shakti Dham Indore, which offers yoga programs, Yog & Meditation Camps, Advanced Yog.

Foundation has served the community persistently and has proved to the nation that recovery is possible. May the Journey continue on the path of success. 1975 is the year when we started our journey to serve for the people & for the nation. Doing different camps, different yog sessions, planting more than 10,000 plants & developed mataji ka bagicha, around 2000 Artists are associated with from PAN India & International Artists.

The organization’s programs are focused on direct interventions in the areas of Healthcare, Disaster Response as well as Advocacy and Awareness on Environmental disturbance & Green house effect. We work on increasing the area of jungle & increase in O2.

Over the last few years, the foundation has quickly become a nationally recognized organization through activities and initiatives to help promote and maintain our rich cultural heritage - with all activities offered free of charge.


Our recent Campaigns running on Girls Education- education is the most powerful weapon in the battle against poverty, this what Guruji believes.

 (formation of Girls School with full advanced features) and “Kasht Haran Hanumanji Temple formation.


Yog & Dhyan is ancient yet scientific wisdom which can bring light of hope to everyone. The Gurudev’s Mission is to create health, Pure Environment, Girls Education & Spirituality and to provide Holistic Health to the humanity all over the world. As we believe health is sum of physical, mental, emotional, socio- economical and spiritual well being. Thus it can be called holistic health.

Top Management

Shri Gurudev Shyam Sunder, founder of Sadguru Ram Mohan Shakti (SRMS) Foundation


Shri Gurudev Shyam Sunder is born in Brahman kul, he got Yog culture by birth, with the spirit of Yog, Meditation & secrament or Rituals of previous Birth he got blessings of Shri MahaPrabhuji & got Yog Shakti Diksha through Param Yogini Maa UmaShakti. With the blessings of his Guru Param Yogini Maa UmaShakti he achieved his goals in Kundalini Jagran & climbed his peak in very young age. He travelled many jungles for Sadhna & with the grace of God he enlightened and the light of Shri Prabhuji entered in his Chakras & heart, Various paths leading to the ultimate experience of supreme developed.

Yog aims at balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions and it is gained through practice of yaam, niyaam, asaan, pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna & Dhyan.

He is Master of “PranShakti Dhyanam” , Energy Balancing, Jeevan Tatva Sadhan & Third Eye Meditation & Dhyan Astrology.

Shri Gurudev always solves the problems of other, He gives Mental Health, Physical Health, and Spiritual Health, removes the blockage of Mind & teaches how to live happily, how to fill your life with love & happiness

Gurudev Shyam Sunder_edited.jpg

Shri Gurudev Shyam Sunder

Diector, M.P. Sharma.png

Shri M.P. Sharma is Director of SRMS Foundation. 

His journey of Yog Dhyan started in early 1980 when he got blessings of Param Yogini Maa Uma Shakti in the form of Diksha. His service to Shri Maha Prabhuji, Shri Maharaji & Shri Mataji is endless. 

He is retired SADO Agriculture Department, Government of India. He developed a beautiful & huge 'Mataji Ka Bagicha' in Shakti Dham with more than 2000 trees. 

He follows the Principles of yog dhyan- yaam, niyaam, asaan, pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna & Dhyan.

Shri M.P. Sharma

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