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SRMS Shakti Dham
Mandir Point

Hanuman Mandir Location

About Shakti Dham

Shakti Dham is Located at Village Panihar near CRPF Panihar, 25 km from Gwalior. Shakti Dham is having long Spiritual history.  “Shakti Dham” name was given on Guru Shri Maa Uma Shakti.

 It has huge orchard with 20,000+ Trees like; Mango Trees, Chandan Tree, Shisham Trees, Belpatra Trees, Sagon Trees, Pipal Trees, Banyan Trees & huge area is covered with Fruit trees like, Cheeku, Amla, Oranges, Guavas, Papaya, Apple Ber, many types of Crops.

 One very ancient Siddh Shiv Temple, its about 150 years old situated in Shakti Dham premises.

Shakti Dham is a plce where public can come to rejuvenate theirselves through Yog & Meditation for Health & Development of Inner Self.

Now our Gurudev Shyam Sunder has initiated the Kasht Haran Hanuman Temple formation.   

Siddh Shiv Mandir SRMS Foundation.jpeg

Sidhh Shiv Temple (150 years Old)

shakti Dham SRMS Foundation.jpeg
SRMS Foundation.jpeg
SRMS Foundation.jpeg

Shakti Dham Orchard


Temple is called Spiritual Clinic where person can rejuvenate themselves & can erase their Sins, can resolve their Doshas & diseases can be cured by only contributing some amount in temple construction & pay homage.  When a person get ill, suffering from long diseases they consult doctors & visit Hospitals, but Truly if you develop yourself internally in Spiritual Clinic it is not required to go to hospitals & Clinics.


Your small effort can make a big difference

It is all about the faith, affection and thought of spirituality  you shower that matters. Our Donor form the rudimentary pillars for our success and when you join hands with SRMS Foundation you receive:

  • The soul-deep satisfaction of knowing that you have Contributed in Spiritual Clinic "Kasht Haran Hanuman Mandir" to remove all Sins, Dosha, receives blessings of 9 Planets, remove Pitra Dosha from life forever.

  • Donating to temple construction is the ultimate remedy to overcome any type Kundali Doshas.

  • Devotees who offer donation to temple are enlightened spiritually & he will gain spiritual power.

  • Regular updates about how your money is contributing to the change

  • Tax Benefits under section 80G

  • Power to build a sustainable society by providing funds to develop Spiritual Clinic.

SRMS Foundation.png

Sponsor some amount to built Hanumanji Mandir

You have the power to bring happiness  a more faith in human being.. Your support can make a huge difference. 

This campaign “Kasht Haran Siddh Hanuman Mandir” is initiated by the Gurudev Shyam Sunder 

As Hindus, it is our duty to stand strong with the temple formation at this need of hour. The funds collected through this campaign will be purely utilized for the following purposes:-

  1. Construction of Hanuman Mandir near siddh Shiv mandir which is nearly 150 years old

  2. Taking care of the security of the Temple

  3. Other misc charges and expenses

  4. Food donation and full premises sanitization

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