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We are working on STUDENTS & YOUTH Mental Health, who are depressed, stressed, psychologically disturbed and developing SUICIDAL TENDENCY, some have already committed suicides (In Kota and in other parts of Country). They are in Danger.

We will give them Training & Therapy, to Students to Transform their Life & Unlock their Full Inner Potential. So, we have launched a Mission “आमोद”, as name denotes, we want to spread Happiness, Rejuvenate their Life & Save them from Suicidal attempts.

Our Mission is to Rejuvenate approx. 5 Crore students of India till 2026


We work- 

  1. On developing their Inner Health

  2. Increase Mind Power

  3. Develop Decision making Power.

  4. Increase Consciousness towards their Life, Relationship & Community

  5. Develop their Mind & Personality to fight against the struggle of Life.

  6. Develop Social Connectivity.

  7. Develop संस्कार और दैश प्रेम


We will give this training through different Psychological Therapy, through

  1. Yog & Dhyan,

  2. Stress & Anxiety Therapy

  3. Psychotherapy

  4. Personality Disorder Therapy

  5. Chronic Pain Management

  6. CB Therapy

  7. Insomnia Management

  8. Mindfulness (Pranav Kriya)

  9. Yog & Meditation

  10. Art & Music Therapy

  11. To Control Body & Mind alignment

  12. Personal Counselling* (if needed)

  13. Healthy Food

We do Personal Counselling (one to one session)

Offline & Online Sessions Available

To Book Personal Sessions Contact Directly to Chief Trainer Dr Prachi Sharma on 8817699622

To Book Institutional Sessions Contact on 8817699622

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